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A Curmudgeon Learns Life’s Lessons, 7

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The war effort on the home front was national rationing and more, but the local impact

differed in different sections of the nation. In Los Angeles and the most of the West Coast

folks thought about what Japan’s military was up to.

They were somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean and we lived the first place they might attack…

On the Home Front. America woke up and was alarmed on December 7, 1941. Folks out west wondered what might happen next. Would the Japanese bomb Los Angeles or San Francisco? National leaders in Washington, DC, had plenty to plan and do. They lacked resources to prepare for neighborhood attacks. Their solution was for civilians to defend themselves and save resources for military use. Civilians responded well, local plans promoted patriotism and volunteers participated in the war effort.

The US Office of Civilian Defense was established in May 1941 to coordinate war-related emergency preparations at state and local levels. Civilian defense against air attacks was led by private pilots who flew along the coastlines and plane spotters in towers to watch for enemy planes.

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