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A Curmudgeon Learns Life’s Lessons, 3

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"Go West young man, go west” first used by John Babsone Lane Soule in the Terre Haute Express in 1851…

It appealed to Horace Greeley who rephrased it the New York Tribune in 1865 to:

"Go West young man, and grow up with the country."

I doubt if Dad knew or cared who said “Go West”. But he and Mom decided to do just that… sort of. They sold stuff they didn’t want to keep or haul all that way, Dad traded his truck for a ’34 Ford 2-door sedan and we were off.

Off to Buffalo, New York as it turned out. I know Dad had a pretty good feel for direction and we went to Buffalo by turning east, but I’m sure he knew what he was doing. I was 6 years old and clueless.

When I got older and learned the geography of the United States, I asked him why we went east to Buffalo. He told me that with the war coming, the good work and pay would likely be in building airplanes and Bell Aircraft Company was in Buffalo. Buffalo is a whole lot closer to Minnesota than California. So Buffalo it was.

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