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A Curmudgeon Learns Life’s Lessons, 2

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When You Peak Out, Move Out…Anon

Dad was raised on a farm near Le Center, Minnesota. Mom was raised on a farm in nearby Kilkenny. Their skill sets were diverse, as farm kids were in those days; milking cows, canning, sewing, fixing broken stuff, making things from scratch, schooling, hunting, fishing, farm chores, and way more. But their diverse, useful skill sets were not in short supply. A lot of farm kids needed to find jobs that paid during the Great Depression and farm kids outnumbered jobs.

Before they married in 1932, Dad bought a one & a half ton flat-bed truck and hustled work hauling whatever needed hauling…mostly for farmers. They rented a house in Waterville as I mentioned in Blog 1. From 1935 to 1940 the only major additive changes were the birth of my sister, getting electricity, and my shenanigans. Dad worked hard at his trucking and other work he found and took care of his family.

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