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A Curmudgeon Learns Life’s Lessons, 1

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Suffer the little ones to come to me…Jesus
Reminisce, Ruminate, and Get Started

December 1, 1934. The Great Depression years were tough times. In Waterville, Minnesota a blizzard was under way, the Great Depression was on, and my mother was ready to deliver me, her first kid.

The hospital was in Waseca…12 miles away. Highways were closed so my parent’s best alternative was to go to my grandmother’s home three blocks away. Water came from the hand pump in the kitchen, it was heated on the wood stove, and I was delivered by a local doctor in the light of kerosene lamps. Electricity had not reached all of Waterville yet.

Given the ways of rural commerce in the Great Depression, the doctor was probably paid in part with chickens and eggs. My grandparents raised chickens in significant numbers so barter was available. The birth activities and excitement were lost on me at the time…but I’ve heard the story since.
A few events stick with me in my first six years in Waterville. The town’s motto is; “A town of friendly people.” It lived up to that then and still does.

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