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A Curmudgeon’s Trek Through Life

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Stuff Learned Along The Way.

Why This Blog? I have lived a long, winding, mildly off-center life for 83 years so far. I am a mildly off-center guy who chose to morph into a modern curmudgeon. On a broad scale most of us go through a variety of stages in life. Somewhere in this blog, I’ll discuss these stages of those who choose to lead a life that is productive, loving, keeps you alive, functioning, and avoids harming others. Even though that’s not a high standard to reach, many are too self-centered or too stupid to bother. I tried to avoid that path.

Like almost everyone, I’ve hit highs and lows. This blog is the result of sharing what I learned from highs and lows. I share what I learned so you may avoid repeating my mistakes. That frees you up to go out there and make your own mistakes.

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Posted By:  Anonymous User  On  10/21/2017 9:16:13 PM

Very well written. You should write a book!