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A Curmudgeon Learns Life’s Lessons, 9

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After WWII ended the United States was both victorious and a recovering, changing nation.

The impact was great on Southern California as major change was the norm since the late 30swith population

growth from the Dust Bowl and Okie days through the war industry of WWII.

Many GIs who passed through California during WWII liked the weather, saw the opportunities,

and moved west to join the dynamic West Coast culture.

The War Is over!!!
America celebrated widely on May 8, 1945…VE Day… Victory in Europe. Then on August 1, we really celebrated with VJ Day… Victory over Japan with their unconditional surrender.

My buddy and I tied strings of tin cans together, went across the street to a boulevard stop, sat on the curb trying to look innocent while hiding the cans as well as we could behind us. When a driver stopped at the stop sign and waited to merge into the Normandy Avenue traffic, we sneaked out and hooked a string of cans to their back bumper.

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